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If one doesn't take art to be a substantiated end in itself, how can one prevent the thought that struggles in material, mixed up between color and form, from freezing in the extraneating fixity of a self-reflecting and infinitely repeated motif?
- also in the form of a fragment - of a little of that dynamism of emotions and thought, which comes from the world and which one wants to incarnate in the artwork?

Others colour our lives 2000. Heterogeneous lines, made of fragments, jumps, sudden sidesteps.

Libera-Libera? 2002. The artist's name Libera is used for its meanings as a potential oxymoron.

Democratic man 2002/2003. Democratic Man develops from a critical observation of the present; its images want to bring to light the nihilistic soul of the homo democraticus who, having elected techne as his only goal, has forgotten and unlearned the gestures of "care" towards what exists.

Manchurian candidate 2004. Drawn elaborations of artist's cranium x-ray, printed on aluminum and steel, carried out in 200 original works.

RHUMA - Eritis Sicut Dei 2004/2006. Rhuma is a work-in-progress that began in 2004; it currently comprises a set of 300 squares, each one in a different fabric measuring cm 47x47, bearing a few words with a date and a small identity number along the side. For each square information can be read by consulting the catalogue which is organized in both alphabetical and numerical order.

Atlas of the world - the map of power 2006 is a work which consists of more elements, from the World Map Painting on newsprint 5x3,4 m, via its digital processing printed on PVC, to the eponymous book and video...

The walls of the mind 2006. Elaborated from a research that ended in the homonymous book in 2008.

Las mariposas 2008 is a work consisting in a series of 42 photographic images, each one representing a small collection of butterflies. On the back of every butterfly has been written the name of a young woman.

Bodies photographs 2009. Images from the video Bodies 2009.

La performance Dibutade - Memory or death of a meeting? 2009. The performance is named after a woman, Dibutade, the creator of painting according to Pliny the Elder.

Encyclopédie work in progress, started in 2009. Now it is composed by 110 small panels of 35x36 cm, mainly acrylic on canvas, others digital graphic on pvc.