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• Manchurian candidate


Drawn elaborations of artist's cranium x-ray printed on alluminium and steel carried out in 200 original works.
Each print is an original and measures 17,5x23,3 cm


“I have heard about the Manchurians from T.V., therefore some of my information is defective or some references are possibly wrong. What I gathered is:
From the fifties a secret branch of the C.I.A. was carrying experiments at Mountain Point aiming at controlling people’s minds. The M.K. ULTRA programme (a programme for Manchurian candidates) tried to create new identities through the use of hypnosis, drugs (particularly LSD) and in 1954 through implantantation of microchips, a microwave technology with a frequency of Herz pulses, was at its disposal.
During the seventies even such young little girls as four year olds were trained to kill.
76 people died during the experimenta.
The “programme on multiple personality trained to kill” resulted in a failure, but  anyway it was carried on because the “programmed person” could be used as a scapegoat, as, it seems, was the case with L.H. Oswald and S.B. Sirhan , the former alleges murderer of John Kennedy, and the latter  of the President’s brother, Robert Kennedy they both had been found to be in a hypnotic state at the moment of their arrest.
Strangely enough, the responsible for the inquiry commission on Kennedy’s murder was the same person  who had founded the Manchurian programme .
In the year 2000 president Clinton publilcly apologized for the abuses performed against American citizens by the so-called “deviant branch”of C.I.A". Libera