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From 1968 to 1973, I carried out many sculptures in polyester.

The solo exhibition held in 1973, at the Palazzo del Turismo in Milan highlighted two aspects that would become constant in my work:
• The pleasure of experimenting technique in the investigation of formal solutions for morphologically different materials.
• The questioning of meaning within my own art-making.

In November 1974 I published: Lines Complex Beings an art-book in which I expressed my refusal of an abstract and impersonal conception of art.

In The Odalisque 1974-75, a series of images depicting the artist, emerges the metaphorical reversal of the "grand odalisque".

In 1976 I participated in Magma, curated by Romana Loda, the first international exhibition of women artists ever held in Italy.

The photographs on Ulrike Meinhof 1976 I captured a moment of piety.

The Witches 1975-1976 came about from reading the unsettling "Malleus Maleficarum"...

In the 1977 performance Afanisi 1977, I assumed the psycho-analytic point of view in order to speak against its excluding rigidity.

A work from 1977: Luca, II 49.

In Kiss, 1977, I recall the homonymous video by Andy Warhol, Kiss 1963.

In the performance Narcissus versus Narcissus 1979, the resort to myth allows me to bring out the dramatic contradictory nature of every identification with a fixed identity.