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During these years works the artist deepens the interest in mythological figures and in the world, a world met while visiting "difficult" places.

"[...] The performance The Dance of the Blind Crane 1993 reproposes the theme of the labyrinth given new context by the gesture that draws the aporetic path. The artist's steps and the movements try to reach the center where the Minotaur lives, where life meets death and where it can maybe take off again for rebirth [...]" G.Longoni

TOTEM 1993 is an uneasy work; an anamorphic painting spread over the four sides of a totemic shaped structure made up of compressed bales of plastic materials.

I Would Like to Meet the Heart of the World 1997. Work created after a casual visit to Theresienstadt (a small city north of Prague) and a trip to Palestine. The work took the form of a series of 11 paintings, a book of poetry and a video piece: "Art as a Remedy for Life". The latter was needed to explain to students how, sometimes, aesthetic experience can be transformed into ethical experience.

Alétheia 1998. The ancient technique τεχνη of which art is one of the expressions, belongs to the realm of the poietic and unveils the existing leaving the things be.
Instead modern technique, rather than producing art, does not let things be but rather transforms all of nature's energy into a pure reserve" forcing all things, including man, into a pure capacity for use. Forgetting the relationship that every entity has with being, today we have come to the edge of the abyss. Can we be disagree with Heidegger?

The performance Grafé 1999, approaches two distant ways of human expression, the aesthetic one and the informative one.

Charlie 1999. "When elaborating the photographs of Charlie in 1999 I had the idea of setting out the relationship established in the video Charlie & Love. In the film the actress's presumed dual identity made me think of the double nature of the current-day myth of techno-science, a direct line between utilitarianism and nihilism." (Libera)