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Oh! Identity 2010. Several series of self-portraits, a reportage on identity resetting

A very tiring journey 2011. Existential metaphor? Self-satisfaction? Warning?

CANTUS III 2012. Series of images created for the musical piece "Shadows" for electronic piano by Daria Baiocchi. The direction of the video is by Libera Mazzoleni.

Sure of our progress e PANOPTICON (Albatros international award, visual section, 2013), both realized in 2012, are a reflection on the different ways in which power is enacted in an era when each one of us lives sure that life unfolds in total freedom.

If on one side Calcolo ergo sum? 2013, recalls the relationship between economy and subjectivity, on the other side the techonophagist images of Mutations 2013 lay the attention on the relationship between technology and subjectivity.

The work Prometheus 2014, is an expression of the relationship between body and technique, which are seen in their final conflagration.

The last supper 2014. Work consisting of 13 images, acrylic on canvas.
During the Last Supper, the night when Jesus was betrayed, he took bread, cut it, gave it to his disciples and said: "Take it and eat it: this is my body given for you all". Jesus said: "Do this in remembrance of me", so giving his apostles the power of repeating these words and gestures, that is the repetition of that prodigy, making them priests of the New Alliance.

Box Assembly 2014. So, do we have to become similar to robots?

Pop-Top 2014. Fifty years later, a recall to pop-art with a series of works that can be opened with a rip, just like a can of beer.

Today, "The gods are gone" (form The last supper) 2015. Performance inside the deconsecrated church San Carpoforo, Milan, January 22, 2015, 6 p.m.

Crossed by time 2015. Series of 10 collages.

Installation from the series LUKE 2:49 2017. In: Francesco Vezzoli Guarda la RAI, Fondazione Prada, Milan.

Godo Ergo Sum 2017. Performance June 30, 2017 7 pm. Gallery Group Global 3000, Leuschnerdamm 19, Berlin (Kreuzberg).
But what is enjoyment? Joy, pleasure, satisfaction... there are endless ways to find fulfillment. One can feel pleasure in all that we perceive as beautiful, good, in what brings rest to our souls, in what pacifies us and relieves us from pain, but also we can find pleasure in the exercise of a power which is purely destructive and disrespectful of life…

Reversals and counter-narratives 2018. Photographic processing of 34x52 cm images for: "The Female Gaze - a special issue photographed, styled, written, and directed by women, about women", volume five, 2018.
Reversals, counter-narratives, another story opened by a new beginning: the protagonists are women who, mocking the founding myths of patriarchy and thus opening the way to transgression, are saying goodbye to a violent universe, where the feminine is declined only as an object to be possessed.

Standing in the Effimeral 2019. Photographic prints, 100 x 200 cm. [...] seeing the workshop as an alchemist’s laboratory and art as a medicine made me think of the art of divination as it has evolved over time, and of the Great Work of the alchemist.

Brothels 2019. A series of 37 photographic prints. Due to its complexity, this work is accompanied by the book of the same name: Brothels 2019.

Alphabets 2019. The work consists of 200 paintings on canvas, and images from graphic and photographic prints. “Alphabets” highlights the link between language, at its inception, with the body and nature.

Searching for a Seer 2020. Searching for a Seer is a series of 45 paintings on canvas, and is without doubt a synthesis of the artist’s recent works.