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• Atlas of the World


Print on PVC, total dimensions 5x3,4 m


Atlas of the World consists of more elements: a Planisphere 5x3,4 m, with Continents, 100x72 cm printed on pvc;
the art-book: ATLAS OF THE WORLD - the map of power; the video: But we are here to help you.


"[...] The Atlas of the globalized world could therefore be read as an anamorphic object, an object born from a perturbing break with the familiar, to make us see something else. And so another path, another story is created, telling us about what is unspeakable, unimaginable, decreeing the end of the tension between Earth and World, protected by caring gestures, declaring that the World has suffocated Earth, that any entity may exist solely by virtue of its functionality, as a means for consumption. With its excessive repetition of details, distributed on a disfigured surface, it cuts a rift in the compact, logical and reassuring tale of the path of civilization, victoriously followed by the West. And with its instantaneous pace, in terms of consumption and information, provided in a present that becomes eternal, the Atlas of the globalized World invites us to stop, to linger, to gather our thoughts and ask ourselves, once more, what is the sense of our way to live on Earth, and our way to be in the World with others, with things."

G. Longoni: "Between the folds of the World" in: ATLAS of the WORLD the map of power.