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• Encyclopédie

ENCYCLOPÉDIE work in progress 2009

Encyclopédie is a work started in 2009. Now it is composed by 110 small panels of 35x36 cm, mainly acrylic on canvas, others digital graphic on pvc.


Images on the right:

artist's ring finger
atomic bomb: "Badger" Clitemnestra
Cyborg thumb
Gas chamber
Metaphyisical solutions
atomic bomb: "Bravo"! Contributions to an art aesthetic Elena's shoe
flowers of art
I, 2
The artist
Goddess Head
real antisymmetrical
Carthesian calculations
Ring finger 3
Sum and product
Principle of Identity Non Contradiction
The woman painter
I introduced myself like this
I 156
Goddess Horse
Did time originate from an apple? Hecuba's tears
The rain
How to radiate the Universal
I am absolutely black
Ceci ici est ma pipe (This is my pipe)
Love Sparrow Homo faber b Log G I prefer the details
that's all?