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• Democratic man


Series of 36 works, acrylic on canvas, each measuring 110 x 165 cm.


“The 'Democratic Man' series develops from a critical consideration of the present,which establishes its conceptual reference in the figure of the “last man”, stigmatized by Nietzsche's Zarathustra. Man of resentment and fear, incapable of transcending the narrow world of his daily “little desires” and of his own well-being, he credits himself with having invented happiness. Presenting himself as the man of disenchantment, he celebrates the efficacy of technology and exalts it as both the end of human action and as the means to realize any end. Omnipotent demiurge he derides any spokesman for ideas that can imagine a 'new beginning', a different sense of time; marked by an ethic of responsability and the abandonment of that tyrranical and nihilistic individualism which makes any cohabitation impossible and destroys any hope of the future. By deeming divine his works – their potential for death is shown as a guarantee of certainty - the “last man” transforms his desire for power in a dramatic self-destruction. The images of this series want to highlight the “Homo democraticus”'s nihilistic soul; having elected “techne” as his only horizon, he has forgotten the gestures of “care” towards what aleady exists”. Libera