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• Narcissus versus Narcissus


Performance - June 23, 1979, 21.30, Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, Ancona


Curated by: Lola Bonora, Carlo Ansaloni, GIovanni Grandi
Production: Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, Palazzo dei Diamanti Ferrara


forced to precede you
different image
my desire
the desire of another
together like this
in order to be alone
wait for me
anyway you can't go far off
it is established, in my absence, the place not mine
in my absence the place not mine is established
the space for waiting
the space for interrogating
unreal mirror
maternal gaze withdrawn
violated desire
a narcissist paradox
consumed in the excess of self-love
in the mirror
the image
reality of a lost gaze
the elusive nature of a sign
of a dream
can only reflect death
how to be present without being recognized
in any casehow to be present if the image is incapable of reality impossible alchemy in the play of displacements
it requires not knowing [...]


Description of the performance:
With a black band covering her eyes (as a protection against deadly self-autocracy), the artist moves in the space surrounding a mirror, tracing the profile her body leaves each time. The traced lines hint at metaphors of possible paths.

The title reveals a reference to an ancient wisdom that, seen in the context of Narcissus, reveals its complete relevance. Narcissus tries to grasp the ungraspable, losing himself in the abyss of his own self-identity.
In the mirror, which reflects the transience of his self-autocracy and illusory world, the omnipotent dreams of metaphysics drown: the perfection of being, the duality man-god, the division between body and soul, conscious and unconscious, dogmas from which it is necessary to protect your eyes in order to follow more existential paths.