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• Kiss

KISS 1977

Series of 36 photographs on wooden panels, each measures 40,5x30,5 cm.
The protagonist of each photo is the artist who, in the homonymy of the title, recalls the famous video by Andy Warhol: Kiss 1963


From the critical text Re-inhabiting one's "own body": women take the floor by Graziella Longoni:

The evocative use of black and white in the 36 photographs arranged by Libera Mazzoleni, in a sequence that reflects the many meanings of the kiss and the gestures that accompany it, immediately catches the eye, involving it in an emotional journey into the many nuances of affectivity and feeling that brings the bodies of different women together, as they are free to express tenderness, desire and passion.
The heads come closer, the lips touch and the faces brush against one another. The hands caress the hair, rest delicately on the cheeks and wrap them in an embrace. The fingers touch the mouth, the chin and the nose. The gazes meet in a soft and complicit smile. The eyes close in the ecstasy of the moment that suspends time in a present characterised by fullness.
These gestures, which make contact possible, are one with the body that, in the reciprocity of the emotions felt by the people involved, is never "anonymous flesh". It is only ever a "living body", with the ability to feel, desire, to move towards the other, and a "lived body" in the first person, therefore traversed by the entirety of the life story of the subject who feels embodied and rooted in their own body.

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