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• The Witches

THE WITCHES 1975-1976

Series of 12 images, various sizes
Photo collage (pearl polythene print on Ilford paper)


In the tumultuous opening up to the possibilities that the 1970s/1980s represented for a young woman who wanted to know who she had been and who she could have become, how could one refrain from reading however remote and unsettling the "Malleus Maleficarum" (The Hammer of Witches)? I remember the hours I spent in the Sormani library, reading and leafing through different texts where the reproductions of 16th-century lithographs intertwined my emotions and the images which flowed before my eyes took up residence in my mind, unhinging the space-time coordinates, making me feel present and involved in what happened in those distant places. Free to imagine, I then acquired the awareness that I too was undergoing and experiencing that demonisation of the feminine together with those who were swallowed up by the violence of a story that erased unassimilable existences.


1 the kiss
2 the flight
3 the presentation
4 the ordeal
5 the sacrilege
6 the dance
7 the feast
8 the lunch
9 the hanged
10 the apprentice
11 the transport
12 the abduction