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• Lines Complex Beings


Art-book: 106 pages, Editrice d'arte Gorlini, Milan


In this book I expressed my refusal of an abstract and impersonal conception of art in my conviction that the particular is the only place where the universal can inhabit. In this work, the photograph and the writing allow an incarnate subjectivity to surface, revealing such aspects as fragility, insecurity, childishness, anger, all present in the flow of existence; a subjectivity that refuses the impersonal of every role, including that of the artist.


"une femme, son corps, ses habites, les gestes de l'échange, la conscience de la nudité, la nature
de cette prise de conscience, l'expression spontanée, sa marque dans le plâtre, l'image, l'objet,
l'objet de l'image: une femme son corps… et puis la sculture". Pierre Restany