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• Crossed by time


In 1978 in my studio a huge fire broke out, destroying almost all my work, including photographic collages.
Some of these collages have remained in my mind and I have now decided to reconcile with their loss, making a kind of double discovery journey through time:
• a journey through time in history, sharing the 'space' next to some of those women who were able to 'see' the world
• and a trip down the stream of time that has seen the flowing of my subjectivity, to express my gratitude to them.

1. Cassandra and Ajax
2. Hypatia
3. Olympe De Gouges
4. Rosa Luxemburg and Clara Zetkin
5. Rosa Luxemburg
6. The Mirabel Sisters
7. Women in the Lager
8. Ilaria Alpi
9. Anna Politkovskaya
10. Shaimaa El-Sabaga