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• Today, "The gods are gone"

Today, "The gods are gone" (from The last supper) 2015

Performance - Thursday January 22, 18 H - San Carpoforo Church,
Visual Arts Department of the Art Academy, Via Formentini 10, Milan
A. Abbondi, D. Abbondi,  Apostolo, F. Baccan, F. Bellafante, A. Bortolotti, M. Bottino, G. Calegari,  M. Carminati, G. De Stefano, Gico, G.V. Lavagnini, P. Lia, Libera, R. Longoni, E. Magri, G. Minuz, G. Valcamonica, voice: R. Longoni, sound: E. Pietrini, "Blakennòmion" (from the album Liquid Metaphors), photographs: Donatella D'Angelo, video: Libera, E. Müeller


In an unhallowed church, a table covered with a black cloth is going to host the dinner of 12 men; in the middle a dish full of fruit; in a line, waiting for the guests, 12 plates, some of which with specific objects connected to the person that will sit there. A mannequin with dark glasses and a military vest stays in the central position and will be the visual focus around which all people will move never communicating among them, but communicating with the rest of the world, thanks to technology, as usually happens to see in public spaces or on the tube, e.g. using ipods, tablets, mobiles...


We live in a secular West!
However myths have not disappeared; they took the shape of new stories and are embodied in new realities. A mythical, undiscussed, efficient and overwhelming power has become inevitable in the narrations of Techno-science, of which economics and military research are the most advanced expressions. This power can hide the atrocities that come with itself: instability, poverty, suffering, environmental changes all over the continents.

Blinded by the myth, we, the citizens of democratic countries, less and less democratic in the name of the primacy of governance, we live reassured and convinced that our lives goes on in absolute freedom in the best of possible worlds. Nevertheless, as Gunther Anders used to say, a power is as more total as the more silent and invisible is its command and as more freedom seems guaranteed. Maybe one day golden threads will be born in the sky and new images will announce the respect for the weak texture that time weaves and draws on our bodies. Maybe, one day, a not-anymore blinding light will allow us to get back to see. Libera

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