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• Godo Ergo Sum

GODO ERGO SUM performance 2017

Images and video of the performance
June 30, 2017 7 pm - Gallery Group Global 3000, Leuschnerdamm 19, 10999 Berlin (Kreuzberg)
Photographs by Donatella D'Angelo, video shooting by Maria Korporal


But what is enjoyment? ... What are the pleasures promised by the economic model of Western civilisation? In the movement of the production chain, is contentment not a contradiction? What would happen today if a real need, an existential need were really satisfied, rather than being thought of as infinitely postponed, between subterfuges and frauds, which seem instead to hate our own well-being?

In what we call progress stagnates an alienated space, in which human life and the entire planet seem worthless, not worthy of care. It is in that dark space that it was possible to think of and implement tools capable of annihilating the very possibility of life.