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• Fragments


Performance - April 3, 1989, 21.00, Rassegna Autore Visivo, Rome


It is fine to follow nature
To pass from the roots to the stem, to the stalks
To the leaves, to the peduncles, to the flowers.
You told me that you would have come with me.
The umbrage will exactly contain the plant's whole history
With its names, its structure,
Its whole outside,
its nature, its use
but also it's as if...
The light was too blinding for us to be able to bear it
The return caused them less fear
Moreover, the inspection will be directed to the form,
To the size of the different parts,
Their number, their position,
the very substance of the thing.
Maybe, if we had had more time
And then Multiple sounds soothe
And yet
You told me you would have accompanied me...


Description of the performance:
Objects are taken out of bags attached to the body. Hands trace clay fingerprints on the wall, draw on the floor the shape of a square with its diagonal, an ancient reference to irrational numbers, small toy-objects are slowly extracted, simple battery operated mechanisms that move on the floor generating faint light reflections. On the wall, in the meantime, constantly changing images of eighteenth-century botanical taxonomy.

A path of movements which appears as a metaphor of a West entering a land of nihilistic hedonism forgetful of its origin, when "the wonder and amazement" guided human sight in the world.